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Paul R. Atkinson, BSBM, CPC, 

  • Joined International Coaching Federation (ICF) 2017
  • Speaker at The International Coaching Federation (ICF) South Florida Ignite, 2018
  • Certified Professional Coach, University of Miami
  • Generated Over 9 Billion Dollars in Real Estate Sales Volume
  • Vice President of Corporate Outreach for The ICF South Florida Chapter, 2019
  • Published Author, to the First Real Estate Agent pocket guide. The Art & Science of the Real Estate Agent.
  • Proven Success Record For Helping Realtors Earn Over 6 & 7 Figures Annually.
Start the 7-Day Realtor's Success Challenge

Let the world's leading Professional Real Estate coach teach you the strategies, and tools needed to start (or scale) your Real Estate business!

Here is what you will learn each day: 

Day 1 - Brand Development

You'll learn how to create a brand that stands out and fits your personality. You'll also learn what tools you need to use and guidance to put it all together.

Day 2 - Strategic Planning

Define your ideal customers, create your short and long term plan. Create the accountability system, budgeting and funding the Campaign. Paul will show you how to put it all together.


Day 3 - Prospecting and Farming

You'll learn how to select your market, how to create your marketing campaign, launching your campaign, farming your area and dominating your niche.

Day 4 - The Nuclear Mind

Learn why motivation is important, how to get it and keep it to continuously grow and scale your business. You'll also learn how to develop the action mindset and get rid of procrastination.

Day 5 - Daily Accountability Sysytems

Now that your plan is in place, what do you do next? You'll learn how to stay focused and disciplined on a daily basis and how to master each day. This step will help you to maximize your productivity!

Day 6 - Financial Responsibility

Business owners are responsible and being responsible means taking care of your finances. You'll learn how to create a budget that works all year around and strategies to increase your income.

Day 7 - Building A Team

You'll learn how to develop your leadership skills, identify talents in people and how to put them all together and create a dynamic group to take your business to the next level!

BONUS: How To Get A Listing In 7 Days

When you sign up for the challenge, Paul will include a copy of his course: How to Get A Listing in 7 Days that he has personally followed to get a listing and so as other Realtors.

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